You may have no known, understood, practised and proven plan that delivers growth and relationship results for your most important customers

KNOWN - recognised by business and every department connected to the customer and their journey as a customer


UNDERSTAND - everyone knows their role and it is defined as a statement within the business


PRACTISED - proactively and deliberately acting on specific tasks that are geared towards creating the highest value, future loyalty and opportunity with your customers


PROVEN - seen to drive incremental and consistent results with identified customers



  1. You’re leaving between 25%-85% more in lifetime value with your customers on the table.
  2. You’re leaving your customer relationships to chance and vulnerable to competitive influence.

  3. You’re creating no unique advantages that make you highly valued and irreplaceable


We've developed three individual and connecting solutions to help you build..

... relational power that drives trust, lifetime commitment and openness

... unrivalled value that is known, trusted and sought after by your customers

... predictable strategic plans that give you and your customers clarity on growth together.


Whenever you’re in front of your customers you’re in the greatest competitive position to influence, deepen and differentiate your customer relationships. Successful key account managers and consultants are one step ahead of everyone because they choose to invest in themselves. Those that don’t today find themselves further and further behind. This is clear in the statistics that many aren’t prepared for todays customer expectations of value and partnered relationships. There is no current place for monthly sharing, feedback, training and support for key account managers that is driven by them and driven with results in mind. SOI Academy is that place with monthly live virtual training facilitated by us and joint owned with you. The premier and exclusive place for on time feedback, collective ideas and stories from professionals from around the world, troubleshooting and results for key account managers, account managers and customer consultants committed to high performance and achieving greatness for you, your customers and company.

    SOI Programme/consulting

    We don’t believe you, your team or business need to be part of the statistic of companies failing to get the most from their customer relationships. This programme is built to answer the most important questions your competitors aren’t asking so you can achieve results no one expects. This programme we’ll help you…

    • Know in real time how to discover if you have clients in danger of leaving and prevent it
    • Understand the psychology of customer relationships so you can accelerate trust at scale
    • Understand the exact skills, behaviours and strategies to build predictable and profitable sales
    • Become irreplaceable advisors to your customers by creating unrivalled value and distinction
    • Know how to create a compelling community that eliminates competitive interest and makes you the number one choice

    SOI TALKs +

    Workshops are not delivering the value and return on what they should. When it comes to the investment in key account training you don’t want to waste your time. Many will say it’s hard to see immediate improvements in a single session with follow up. That’s because they’ve never taught attendees how to learn better while teaching, facilitating, and supporting them in how to apply it.

    SOI Talks is just that. We use proven accelerated learning principles and techniques focused on context learning, intentional practise and outcome based application. We are practitioners teaching and doing what we share. Everyone will see, feel and experience results that day.


      • Sales 80%
      • Productivity 50%
      • Conversion Rate 75%
      • Retainments 60%

      The Results Were Amazing

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