If the answer is NO or a big ? then you may be...

*Leaving millions in current and lifetime sales left on the table.

*Leaving your customer relationships to chance and open to competitive influence.

*Creating no unique and differentiated advantages that make you highly valued and irreplaceable.

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Known -recognised by you, your team and every department connected to your customer and their journey with you.

Practised - You, your team and business proactively and deliberately act on specific tasks that are focused on creating the highest value, future loyalty and opportunity with your customers.

Understood -everyone recognises and understands their role as contributors to the success of every customers as a statement within the business.

Proven Plan - You, your team and business seen to drive incremental and consistent results with identified customers

What the irreplaceable advisor Programme does for key account managers, sales leaders and organisations like yours!


*We help you find new answers to current challenges.

*Upgrade skills to respond to new customer expectations.

*Create strategic plans that drive sales and relationship results that you can replicate.

*Become irreplaceable advisors to your customers delivering superior and unrivalled value.

Jermaine had been working with our sales team for 3 months and we were skeptical that anything could be done in that time because we had many challenges. Jermaine really got to know our business, our customers. Even our strengths and weaknesses and was honest with us. Thanks to his coaching and insight within 9 months we took our two largest customers from multiple six figures to 2.5 million in sales. We couldn’t have done this without Jermaine.
— Yi Ong - Director

Here's how we provide arguably the toughest and most effective customer growth programme on the planet. 


  • Five pillars Management, business and team evaluation. 
  • Client Map and Account value process through predictable planning framework.
  • Strategic goals sheet - personal, professional, profitable goals for you and your customers.


  • Move from client map, develop a personalised client mission strategy for you, team and business (3E's).
  • Deliver in person, digital and virtual real time and simulation based blended training and coaching.
  • Peer learning and access to real time support for effective implementation.


  • Evaluate core metrics from audit evaluation with client value and profit reviews. 
  • Access to the customer growth digital academy resource. Monthly FAQ unstuck sessions. 
  • Quarterly opportunity and up-skill review and mastermind.

Become an Irreplaceable adviser to your key customer starting today

We were surprised. We’ve seen greater commitments from our managers to use the key account growth system and one of our team members had a big win increasing his yearly customer order by nearly 34%. Very impressive
— Director Sales- Roche

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