Can you say 100% yes to this question?

Do you and your business have a known, understood, and practised proven plan for customer growth today?


According to recent research by Elsvier Research Group. Only 16% of businesses achieve their key account planned goals each year. Many organisations and key account managers are fending month to month, stuck in stagnancy and wondering what the next step with their customers are.  If this is you or your organisation then...

*You’re leaving millions in life time value with your existing customers on the table.

*You’re leaving your customer relationships to chance and vulnerable to competitive influence.

*You’re creating no unique and differentiated advantages that make you highly valued and irreplaceable.


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My name is Jermaine and I’m a sales guy. Not just any sales guy but the guy who’s been through every sales experience you can imagine. I’ve been hung up on, I spilt coffee on a customer, lost a major client and even had my daughters my little ponies fall out of my briefcase during a C-Level meeting (Yep that really happened).

The point here is I’m not perfect and there were times I failed and not just kinda failed I mean epic failure.

I made a choice 5 years ago to master my customer conversations and learn how to create value that matters. I did this specifically with Key and high value customers that make a significant impact in businesses like yours today. Within a few years I not only made a lot of money but was able to invest in projects I believed in, and began sharing my success with others.

I’ve helped 100s of key account managers and account managers grow their existing customer sales including helping a manufacturing company take their existing customer sales from £200k to $2.5 million in 8 months. That’s 10,000% growth!

I created a system called the KEY ACCOUNT HACK™ this was born out of a desire to simplify key account management and promote true value creation through proven principles, guides, strategies and tools you can use to get predictable sales and relationship results.

This is not a rigid 'do what I say approach' this is a blueprint to helping you ask better questions and see the exact actions you need to take to see explosive key customer growth in 8 steps of mastery. I want to see 10,000 + key account managers and organisations empowered to gain and give more in their client relationships.