LinkedIn Unbeatable Strategies free Resources

Thanks for attending my talk. I wanted to share the slides below. If you continue to scroll down you'll see two bonus downloads for free. take advantage of it and look forward to seeing you on one of my workshops 🙂

Linkedin Success Checklist

This checklist is the only one available in the market. It outlines the key principles and activities needed to see consistent and repeatable results on LinkedIn. You'll be able to see immediately how much you are doing or could be doing. Here's the reality. If you find that even one of the ideas presented is not being done by you. You're missing out on getting greater results on LinkedIn that serve you in each interaction.


Connecting with anyone

One of the big challenges for most is the fear of not knowing what to say when attempting to connect with someone on LinkedIn. It begins with knowing what value you want to add to this person and showing genuine interest. There is a successful model I use often which is in four stages. There are of course multiple different ways to frame an introduction based on the person you're speaking with. Take a moment view the profile of someone you'd like to connect with and follow the formula.