LinkedIn Stats and facts that will convince you to take action

There isn't a platform out there more loved and despised than LinkedIn. Professionals love to hate LinkedIn for many reasons. 

  • People are craving real quality engagement
  • People are frustrated with little results for a lot of effort
  • People are confused with the constant changes made by LinkedIn to familiar tools and interfaces
  • People have been following the advice by experts improving their profiles but nothing is converting.

I get it. I thought LinkedIn sucked as well. Once I discovered these two big truths it changed everything.

Truth 1 - LinkedIn is actually a search engine (yep I said it). But this should free you now to recognise three things. It has rules, there are patterns and there are principles that if followed and observed will amplify and accelerate your results faster than the average LinkedIn users. 

Truth 2 - There are more supporting stats and helpful facts that demonstrate the power of LinkedIn for those who are willing to become students first before become successes. Check out the stats below and click on the information that will blow your mind.

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