24 LinkedIn tips for your account management team to build authority and generate sales on LinkedIn

Why is there so little information for Key Account Managers on getting better and more effective engagement with customers on LinkedIn? Here's my theory no one has really examined this from the perspective of the key account managers role and the social behaviour of customers and potential prospects on LinkedIn.

I've spent 4 years as a student of LinkedIn and almost ten thousand dollars on my own education. I still see the same information being shared and not helpfully targeted to help account managers and key account managers win with their customers on LinkedIn.

I want to help you get started with these 24 easily implementable tips that will instantly put you ahead with your customers. If LinkedIn is the largest and most influential professional network on the planet to-date, then you're about to begin the process of becoming the most influential professional to your customers beginning with these 24 ideas.

These are just the tip of the iceberg to what's possible. This will get you started on your route to success. 

  1. Use saved search with your key customers so you know what senior people are in your network.
  2. Follow influencers in your industry that are important to your customers so you can get visible and stay ahead of the current conversations.
  3. Share what your customers post that elevate their status and perception.
  4. Be aware of this one of 5 most prevalent cognitive biases on LinkedIn– Recency Bias – tendency to weigh the latest data over old data. Be current.
  5. Use LinkedIn reminders for immediate updates to contact important client contacts.
  6. Use LinkedIn notes on your customers LinkedIn usage so you can match their engagement.
  7. Create a list of valuable articles – share one a week and tag your customers.
  8. Find out what your customers goals are on LinkedIn and help them achieve it.
  9. Share your customers success where able (make them the hero).
  10. Recommend groups your customers may find valuable.
  11. Recommend the work of your customers.
  12. Ask for recommendations so you can use this to share with others in your customers business.
  13. Work with your marketing to create Slideshare collateral as its one of the fastest consuming content platform on LinkedIn.
  14. Use LinkedIn Pulse – work with your marketing to produce education and insight led content your customers and prospective internal customers could use.
  15. Give referrals where possible.
  16. Ask for referrals.
  17. View profiles of all major stakeholders in your customers business and write down the commonalities, groups and interests they have.
  18. Make connections with specific stakeholders and known users of your product or service to raise awareness and deliver value.
  19. Create an engagement email template to ensure you have consistent message that can still be tailored to each individual.
  20. Be consistent and set a routine – carve out 30 minutes a day to take notice of your customers on LinkedIn and note themes, messages and comments that might help you engage with your customers better.
  21. Make one new strategic connection within your key customers business per week.
  22. Be intentional – don’t post because you feel you have to post. Post because you have something significantly valuable to share.
  23. Show your personality and what your care about – LinkedIn is not just about professional content but about personal professionals.
  24. Share these ideas with your team or business departments who are connected to your key customers. This will amplify the connection and influence you have.

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