Thanks so much Jermaine after your talk and training with the senior team. There is a definite positive feeling about the future of our division. Keep doing what you’re doing.
— European Regional Sales Manager - Roche Pharmaceuticals


Hendrik Dujin.jpg

Aman Birdi -Managing Director - Digiruu

Jermaine has an incredible amount of talent and knowledge in sales, helping us in landing and growing our first client for the business. 

His advice and training has provided me with the skills to progress further in the software industry and I'm fortunate to say that I've had the privilege of working with him. 

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 Yi Ong, Director - Yardmart

Jermaine had been working with our sales team for 3 months and we were skeptical that anything could be done in that time because we had many challenges. Jermaine really got to know our business, our customers. Even our strengths and weaknesses and was honest with us. Thanks to his coaching and insight within 9 months we took our two largest customers from multiple six figures to 2.5 million in sales. We couldn't have done this without Jermaine.



"Jermaine is very compelling and results focused guy. We have a tough business. He came in at a challenging time. We were honestly going to go with a larger consultancy. Jermaine won us over with the sheer level of value he delivered for us. We had low expectations but we saw almost 1000% growth in sales in 8 months"