If you're answer is no or a big ? then you might be...

*Leaving millions in current and lifetime sales on the table.

*Leaving your customer relationships to chance and open to competitive influence.

*Leaving no creative, unique and differentiated advantages that make you highly valued and irreplaceable.

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We help small to medium size B2B businesses and consultants become Irreplaceable advisers to their key customers driving predictable sales and competitor proof relationships.

Jermaine is very compelling and results focused guy. We have a tough business. He came in at a challenging time. We were honestly going to go with a larger consultancy. Jermaine won us over with the sheer level of value he delivered for us. We had low expectations but we saw significant six figure growth. We’ll be working with him in Africa as well.
— Director - International Telecom and Satellite company

Something has changed!

In today's marketplace being great at what you do gets you in the door. But what keeps you in the room with your customers today is something different. You need to be able to deliver superior and unique value with a service that is distinctly personalised and responsive to your clients ever changing needs and market. Being a trusted adviser to a few is was phase 1. Becoming an Irreplaceable adviser to your clients business is phase 2.

Who is an Irreplaceable Adviser?

  • Someone who is able to ask questions that get to the truth of a customer challenge, need or opportunity.

  • Someone known and recognised as a value creator.

  • Someone able to convert current conversations into future  lifetime opportunities.

  • Someone who makes the competition irrelevant for their business and customers.

  • Someone able to turn insight into unique differentiation.

  • Someone dedicated to the pursuit of deeper trusted relationships.

Become an Irreplaceable Adviser!

The Irreplaceable Adviser programme. Is the only programme built exclusively for B2B businesses and consultants who want to make the competition irrelevant to their customers and drive greater lifetime value, loyalty and sales from their existing customers. These same skills will not only enhance your ability to get more for and with your customers but will equip you to be able deliver superior value in your new prospect conversations. It's a win for you, win for your customers, and win for your business. 

The Irreplaceable Adviser 6 month programme

Four pillars and sixteen key skills that will transform the way you're perceived in your market, with your peers and most importantly with your clients. We take six critical months to challenge, learn, apply and grow as you take your knowledge, skill and ability to the next level.