Key Account Book

Most listened to audio book on key account management 2016!

What if you could access and learn a simple framework to help you.. 

  • overcome the challenges of managing and influencing stakeholders while growing your existing client sales
  • do this without adding more spreadsheets, making more phone calls, cutting deals or churning through mounds of data? Interested?

well read on...

Why this book?

I attended the big courses out there on key account management and still found myself hitting major personal and financial road blocks with customers. I had great information but nothing out there matched the realities of managing customers today.

My journey began by interviewing and analyzing 150 of highly successful key account managers and sales leaders. Surveying 200 customers from 13 different industries. I discovered a pattern of success. A blue print to growth that was sitting under all of our noses. I’ve called it the Key Account Hack System ™ I wanted this to be a starting guide to helping unlock all that you want from your clients and get you unstuck with not knowing where to go next and trying to create influence that gets results.

This is an 8 step process of principles that will help you ask better questions, focus on what matters most and create massive sales from your high value customers in 90 days.  




CEO - 365 - Amazon review

This books takes elements that you may already know but it puts them into a framework that makes them really actionable. I have worked with big name clients for many years and I understand the importance of trust and rapport. I know how important it is become a trusted advisor to your customer. Jermaine Edwards does a great job of helping you identify how far you are away from that point, and most importantly how to get there. I particularly enjoyed the section on ways to follow up without being 'human spam'. Great advice too on how to create real value for your client. This is an easy read but if it is read with thought I am sure anyone would pick up areas they could improve in their approach and benefit from the author's expertise and resources.

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Manager - Page up - Linkedin review

I particularly liked the level of detail Jermaine outlines, providing checklists and strategies that consider different stakeholder skills and perspectives. To mitigate sales process risk; collaborate with colleagues. Ultimately the sales process is influenced by only a few key conversations and emails across a timeline that may span many weeks, months or sometimes years. However, many sales professionals are unwilling or too arrogant to have their work peer reviewed at critical stages and consequently lose deals.  In contrast the most successful professionals seek a second pair of eyes or other opinions at every decision point.  As an outcome the messaging and communication is tightened so that it delivers the maximum amount of impact and relevance to the recipient..

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