Success doesn't require recognition..but it's nice when it comes!

Who doesn't want praise? We all do. The magic words 'Thank You', 'Great job' can lift your day. Our desire for this is part of our nature, our chemistry to feel affirmed. Whether intellectually, emotionally or physically.

The danger can be that we allow our success to be based on that recognition. I saw this early in my sales career with those I started with and honestly with myself.

In sales it's perhaps easier to get caught in the euphoria of reward and recognition when you're hitting and overachieving on target. And then have major downs when things are quiet working out.

This blog isn't for the superhuman or those of you in sales who have never doubted yourself. This is for those who have found themselves looking for validation for success and still get tempted by it today.

Here are three reflecting ideas for those this might resonate with on how to guard against what I call 'the recognition trap' - the need for recognition to validate your success and how successful you are.

In the words of Grant Cardone - "Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility" That's it. Success is both defined, lived and chosen by you daily. This means you get to choose what success looks like. This is not dependent on what you fail at but how you respond to failure. You can decide today how you define success, whether that is a number, a position a state of being. Commit and act on that basis and if that isn't aligned with who you are you can change it.

Re-frame recognition or non-recognition as feedback. Recognition tells you someone was actively watching. Non-recognition says people have gotten used to your standard of awesomeness. I'm not talking about completely ignoring the facts. If you're genuinely doing well. Crushing your goals, targets and helping people you can be sure that people are noticing. Sometimes recognition comes in silence and appreciated in recommendation, referral and future rewards. 

Keep a success log. Keep track of those goals and targets that you meet weekly. At the end of each week celebrate how what you've achieved in whatever way you feel best. The habit of doing this weekly will completely reshape your self belief, confidence, resilience to challenge and ability to deal with the self talk we all hear in our minds. 

Those are three ideas among many I discuss and share with other sales professionals who are sometimes challenged with the blocks of 'over-recognition'.

What are your thoughts on professionals getting stuck in the 'recognition trap'?

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