Reflection Friday: The power of asking yourself the right questions

We're human there is no changing that. That means we're flawed and insecure at times but we're also powerfully creative. Our ability to reason, think, express a complex range of emotion shows an intricate web of interactions firing off to form images, actions, trigger behaviours and all kinds of responses to our internal and external environment.

I start with this statement because we can often forget the many reflective qualities we have that help us to engage, discern and interpret the world. We can limit our capacity to use these qualities to help us to grow personally every week. 

I want to encourage you to create your own reflection Friday. Not to mourn the things that didn't work out, complain about something or something you didn't do.

Look at your week and ask a question like, What has the week taught me about who I am and what I might need to work on? What is the potential benefit of that learning to my relationships, business and goals? These are just a sample of questions.

Here are the exact set of 11 questions I ask every week. These do evolve. Take 20-30 min and allow the experiences of this week, month or year to grow you rather than hold you in the place you have the ability to move from.

  1. What was I most proud of this week/month/year?
  2. What am I most grateful for this week/month/year?
  3. What has this week/month/year taught me about myself and what I might need to work on?
  4. What can I do today to benefit from this information?
  5. What relationships do I need to pay more attention to and what would need to be different?
  6. Who do I need to forgive or apologize to?
  7. What one person, skill or activity this week/month/year contributed most to moving me to my goals?
  8. How can I utilize this again?
  9. What one or two people do I need to say thank you to?
  10. What one thing would I need to achieve next week to move my goals forward?
  11. What would need to be true for this to happen?

Do you have your own set of questions you ask? if not try these and let me know how you experience them.

If you're a key account manager, account manager, manager of account management teams having a wider view of development to growth is important. I personally want to invest in your success. 

Jermaine Edwards

Founder of the Key Account Hack System - New Key Account thinking that transforms relationships and creates predictable sales growth.

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