Reflection Friday: Psychology of money and success

If you're like many billions of people on this planet you can agree with this statement. Money makes a difference! filled with all its connotations the value and exchange of this seemingly simple invention can and will direct our thinking.

I don't mean a constant obsession with money I do mean a conscious acknowledgement of its place in our lives daily. Whether we have a little, very little or a lot we experience the impact of its presence. We can often get caught up in how we attain it rather than how we become someone who can.

It was this week with a friend who was just starting his own business that we sat down together and we talked about some of our challenges, success and goals for the next few weeks and months. He told me about this guy named Lewis Howes.

I'm a big podcast consumer but I'm still very picky. I tend to choose podcasts based on something I'm working on. I did come across this interview between Lewis Howes and Tony Robbins which was fascinating and shifted my paradigm around the correlation between giving, growth and gain. The psychology of money isn't how can you get more its how much more can you give. Give to others and give to yourself to become someone who can attain great success.

This is a longer interview. Come back to it when you've got some space and really listen to this. I hope it inspires your thinking towards your life and success.

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