How sales leaders can overcome sales statistic overload

We're bombarded with sales statistics to get us to think about our teams, our process, our success and results. There is a great place for statistics as it can give a helpful reality check for possible present challenges or opportunities.

You may have seen statistics like the one below


  • What thoughts come to mind when you read these statistics?
  • What questions does it cause you to ask?
  • What actions will you take because of it?

I'm going to take a big generalisation and say I bet most of the statistics you read inspire very little to help you change but it does create good debates.

The challenge here is many look at the 100s of statistics out there and jump to two extreme conclusions. "Thats not us" or "We need to adopt it all"

The danger in this is you take a general evaluation and make it personal without really looking at the metrics that matter to your business sales success. 

Whats the antithesis to the sales stats overload?

Whenever you see a new statistic start by asking yourself these five questions:

  • What are our sales goals? 
  • Which of these stats are true based on evidence we have in our business?
  • What known stats in our business are most important for us to measure and why?
  • What stats have we not measured that might help us achieve greater results?
  • What one thing can evaluate and apply this week to move our sales forward?

 You can see that all five questions are outcomes based. Its all about what results the stats enable you to consider that if applied might give you greater results on the goals you have. 

The key never to ignore the stat but to evaluate them in context of your sales goals. Not everything you see will be helpful or applicable to your business at that moment. With these questions as a starter you can quickly assess within 15-20 min what you can use now and what might be a conversation for later.

What next?

The next set of stats you read use those five questions. If you're a key account manager, consultant or sales leader serious about deepening, differentiating and grow your key client relationships. Get in touch or access to the client growth 3 part email series HERE and tell your team or visit 

Jermaine Edwards

Founder of the Key Account Hack System - New Key Account thinking that transforms customer relationships and creates predictable sales growth.