Why didn't it work the first time?

If you’ve ever been that person who has picked up a book to learn something new, tried that proven sales technique that new email template or script and it just didn’t work then we have a similar story.

What I’ve realised is Learning is not about whether you get it the first time. It's about whether you’re willing to allow the learning to change you while you figure it out.

Learning is all about change. Change of perspective, approach, behaviour and attitude

I found this to be true hanging out with my 10 year old son Sean yesterday. We had decided to build a new Lego castle made from a design he had taken from a book at Christmas. He had built many different designs before but this one would take his achievements to the next level.

Before we could start building we had to read these brand new building instructions and carefully look for the pieces we needed to build the castle. We diligently looked through the instructions and did our best to follow the instructions step by step. After about 15min it was clear this wasn’t looking like the picture, in fact it looked more like we were making it up as we went along.

I could see the stress and anxiety on my son’s face as he broke down and shouted “IT DOESN’T WORK?” As dad I clearly had to deal with this frustration so he didn’t lose all desire to continue.

Something dawned on me. Was it that it didn’t work or that what we were doing wasn't working?

I asked him the question. Is it that it doesn’t work or is it that it’s not working?

He looked at me puzzled but said “I guess it’s not working”

The natural question after that is what do you believe hasn’t worked and why?

Very quickly his mind switched from problem to question, then to experimentation, to testing, to success. Here is the master piece:

I share this to say I wonder how many of us when learning choose not to follow through because we think it ‘Doesn’t work’. Psychologically that primes us to think of finality, its flawed, we’ve tried everything and we now need to replace it or move on.

But, if you said ‘it isn’t working’ then the more natural place to go is to ask what might not be working and why. In fact the not getting it right can stir curiosity and stretch our capacity to learn even more. I know, as now my Son wants to tackle something even bigger.

If it doesn’t work the first time. Don't get give up on it. Be glad, because it might mean you’ll learn something even better in the process.

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