Why I embrace difficulty and challenge

I’ve met those people who say they have the uncanny gift of being able to allow any difficult situation, personally or professionally, to wash over them without a dent in confidence or a reflective moment of doubt.

I’m not that guy. And I’m a confident and positive guy. Like many of you I’ve had those moments where a relationship falls apart, the unexpected happens, the money you wanted didn't come through and... you can imagine the rest.

If you’ve had any moment of challenge significant enough to move you physically or emotionally, or perhaps both, then maybe you’ll resonate with why I now embrace these moments. 

Guiding wisdom:

“Circumstances can make the man but more often it reveals who he truly is.”

I discovered four questions to ask myself whenever I face a of challenge or difficulty. These questions give me a moment to reflect and put things in perspective. After answering these questions today you’ll grow a little more in confidence, and it will empower you to support others who made need the same confidence boost. 

Here are those four reflective questions.

Q1: What can I, should I, must I learn from this situation to be better?

Q2: What is the situation challenging me to change? Do more or less of?

Q3: Who can I trust to hold me accountable to what or how I want to change?

Q4: What is the one action I can take today to move me to better tomorrow?

The next part is taking action. Each time I’ve faced challenges these have been pillar questions that led me to consider the actions needed to grow and community needed to support that growth. Everyone at some stage in their career or life will need to ask and engage in all four questions. 

Guiding wisdom: “What you know and apply makes a difference, but what you don’t know becomes the difference.”

The reason I embrace difficulty is because it tells me more about the person I am today than any one person could. I make the choice to allow those situations to help reveal the person I’m meant to be. That goes for you too.

What will you allow difficulty and challenge to teach you?