What to do when yesterday gets in the way

Have you ever woken up in the morning still thinking about how bad yesterday was?

In a role like sales you’re told to get a thick skin, brush it off and suck it up

If you’ve ever been told those things they may have meant well but they may have only did more harm than good.

The reality is sometimes days suck and we have to acknowledge those immediate thoughts and feelings you have to understand what we do with them later and when they inevitably come again.

I’m not bringing any science or psychology to this blog.  This is just me speaking to the key account manager and sales person showing up every day even when things are quite going your way.

I want to speak to those days that suck and only you might know how much.

Despite all the motivation in the world the tough reality is - it begins and ends with us.

On a positive: The very fact that you show up physically to work or business shows your committed but if you choose to show up mentally as well it means you can make progress.

There is a guiding wisdom I embraced this year

“Circumstances can make the man but more often it reveals who he truly is”

The question I have to ask myself daily is who will I choose to ‘truly’ be daily.

Here are 5 things I do to ensure yesterday doesn’t get in the way and that I’m practicing greatness until I see it

  1. Remember your successes
  2. Get around the right people
  3. Help someone else succeed
  4. Don't bottle it up - write down what frustrates you or tell someone then apply massive positive action to change it
  5. Set small daily growth goals that stretch where you are

That's my 5 daily 

What do you do to make sure yesterday never gets in your way?

Leave a comment if you resonated with any of this

Have a greatness packed day