A sales lesson from my daughter on deeper listening and being present

I should know this. As a sales professional for the last 10 years working with practically thousands of people — 10 years married 4 kids I should know this. Yet!

Why is it I and many of us miss the subtleties of being present and deeply focused on the person in front of us.

It was just the weekend gone where I was with my eldest daughter (just daddy and daughter time)

We were walking in the park, a cool but dry day and I could tell our conversation was moving to a place where she'd want to share something deeply personal with me.

I geared myself up and was patient but in my waiting I could feel my mind wander (I was thinking about what I needed to do later, what did my wife ask me to pick up on the way back)

Then suddenly I was awoken by a shake of my arm and the words “were you listening daddy!” — I shook my head knowing I hadn’t and she did too. Then the moment was gone.

I was a broken man for the remainder of our time out. I knew I couldnt force the moment again. I had to own up, say what i’d do differently, remain patient and importantly focus on being present always.

My daughters and I have a great relationship which i’m deeply grateful for but the reality hit me

How many of these moments do we miss with others, our kids, customers, spouses, friends and the list goes on.

We’re on the verge of hearing something that could change the dynamic of a relationship, get greater insight into something you could do differently or something you could help them with.

If there is one take away for me its this — commit to care enough to stay present and you'll never have to miss the moments that matter

I’d love to hear your experiences. How do you practice being present or When haven’t you and what did you differently as a result of that?

As learning and behavioral change enthusiast, sales and customer nurture explorer and all round inquisitive guy i’d love to continue this conversation or any other. Get in touch